This One is For The WIMPS

This One Is For the WIMPS
A couple of years ago, +Scott Kelby had told me about a Mnemonic that he knew of to keep him thinking about #photography checks before a shoot. This is one of those things that through the years and despite forgetting what a couple of them meaning from time to time (some mnemonic, right?) its one that serves well to say to yourself “Dont forget the WIMPS. Dont forget the WIMPS”

So what are WIMPS:

W: White Balance
Its the one time you are struggling to figure out why everything is so blue in a shot, only to remember you were shooting at 2000K

I: Your Camera ISO
Its the one time you think youre killing a job, when you find out youre at ISO6400. Or when you think that 1/128 is still just frying your subject on a flashpop

M: Mode: Auto? Aperture?
This just happened last night. I asked +Brad Moore “Dude! I cant get this lens out to F16. He looked at me and said “See, this S, RC? This is Shutter Priority… ” – yeah. Its been this kind of week.

P: Picture Type
Its the one time you’re like.. “Dude, I shot this in JPG Basic!

S: Speed
Ever go into a church to make some shots and think you’re being all sneaky? Then you press the shutter and rip frames like a machine gun? Yeah.. me neither..

Oh, and the picture below…
This was back when I was out shooting with +Joe McNally hanging out the side of a helicopter, fake cigar out of his mouth, balancing a 600mm on one knee while turning sideways to talk to me in that ATeam Hannibal Smith kinda voice:

“It’s a great day to be out here, isn’t it?!”

You’re just stupefied as to how natural all of this is to him.

“Yup… great day indeed..Now gets out da way.. I gots to make me some black and white HDR’s or something!”

(I didnt really say that. And he really didnt have a fake cigar. But he should have)


  1. how is shutter priority going to help your lens reach f/16 if aperture priority can’t?

  2. Next time you are in a helicopter with Joe McNally let me know (I figure this sort of things happens daily with you Kelby Media guys…lol). I would LOVE to tag along with the two of you guy!

  3. Hey RC. Nice website! Nice pictures too!

    I was wondering, is dtown dead?

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