Day 1 of the Google Plus for Photographers Conference

Hey everyone.. RC here just posting a quick update from our inagural  Google+ for Photographers Conference here at the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Franciso.  The entire group is overjoyed at the level of energy and participation that we have gotten from this sold out crowd.  It’s wild in that the energy is so unlike anything that we’ve seen out there.  People are really excited and interested in what Google+ is, and how they can get involved.

The registration for the event is held at the Yerba Buena Gardens, split between two buildings.  The entire conference has a gallery feel to it.  Very clean, with a lot of red and white pronounced everywhere.  It just feels very modern.


Jim Goldstein of BorrowLenses has been so instrumental at the conference.  In addition to providing any gear that some instructors needed (which helped soo much with baggage feels and the like). they also provided charging stations for people to get a little juice during the conference.  People were really into BorrowLenses, and we could not thank them enough for their support during their conference.  They could not have made the lens rental process easier for people here..

Matt Kloskowski is rocking the crowd at one of his first presentations..

My buddy Sarah Jane Todd from Peachpit is catching up on stuff and serving as the biggest smile in the conference area.  There are a bunch of books for you to check out here, thanks to Peachpit!

Here you go, my buddy Nick is rocking it at the Smugmug area.  Smugmug not only doing demos of their service (of which ive immediately signed up for). but the team actually went through the process of baking a BUNCH of really cool sweet treats.  Thanks for Camera Awesome! Thanks for Smugmug! and Thanks for the sweets!!

The one, the only, Guy Kawasaki rocking the stage at the conference!

We all wear many hats around here.  This time around, Photoshop Guy Pete Collins is helping out in the moderation of all of the chats!

Guy Kawasaki, Scott Kelby, and Dave Gales hanging out after Guy’s talk.

Scott is explaining the point that sometimes, the person you shoot makes a difference.  You can have all of the best light and location…

But a different person can give a completely different meaning..

Trey Ratcliff, Jeremy Cowart, Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski at a live Blind Photo Critiques session

Alex Koloskov rocks the product shoot.  This was so well attended..

Jeremy Cowart – mugging for the camera..

The incomporable Karen Hutton, hanging out and catching up with all of her many projects. 🙂


Whos got two thumbs, is a famous author, and is sitting in a round chair? Why Nicoley is!!

This is Matt Leitholt.  He wanted to be famous.  Now he is. 🙂

Not to be outdone… I was so pumped to get to take a pic with Guy Kawasaki.

Gabe from B&H came and hung out with us at the Live Shoot.  Gabe comes to represents B&H and it was so nice to see him!





  1. Thanks for the post RC, I’m at work right now wishing I was there. I did get to go to Jeremy Cowart’s Lifefinder Tour on Monday. An awesome day getting to hang with JC and listen to his story.

  2. First class production from beginning to end. The way Google and KelbyMedia put this together in a short time is amazing. It was nice to meet fellow photographers and all the people we talk to online. I hope this becomes a recurring event.

    We locals love it when we get a great get together like this in San Francisco.

    Please come back soon.

    p.s. I’ll provide Scott with cheaper parking.

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