Changing my Prints to APC at the Office

Here at the office i’ve had three picture on a wall for as long as I can remember. As I started to work on doing more and more Google+ hangouts, I noticed that the glass front of them was really beginning to interfere on camera. I knew I needed to make a change. At home, many of the prints I have are from Artistic Photo Canvas – so I said “Ok.. enough with this.. time to replace.”

A quick order and in a couple of days three shiny (well not really shiny) new boxes showed up to the office!
Here is Pete Collins helping me unpack the prints to use.
This is one of the things I like on getting these prints. The detail. here they mirrored the edges so that the print would look nice folded around the stretcher bars. Nice touch!
Here are all of the prints unpacked.. the old prints (with their glare) are nervously waiting to get replaced.
A quick shot of me and an HDR interior shot I did of a Navy Destroyer
Details, details, details ...this puppy is on nicely!
This is the shot that I took early morning in Washington DC.
This is me, ripping that frame off (The picture on the right is going nowhere. That's my wife.. shot by Joe McNally)
The first image is up... and I am loving the quality. 🙂
Here's the third print I got done for the office.. Im all set now. 🙂

It looks so great in the office, and I cant wait to share my images in a hangout. I am always an unabashed fan of APC – so I tell everyone.. totally go check them out. Make a print.. you will be soo glad you did!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, RC. I’ve been meaning to try them out for awhile as so many photographers recommend their product. Hopefully the shipping isn’t too crazy to Canada :-)).

  2. I have to agree-I started with APC, tried a couple other companies, and keeping going back to APC. Their quality is incredible, and I’ve never heard a single complaint from a customer. Great shots!

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