Monument Valley Workshop with Bill Fortney

(all images here by Bill Fortney.. until I shoot some of my own!!! Yippee!!)

This year has a couple of trips that I am doing that are just absolutely amazing.. Im bouncing in my seat. I had told legendary landscape photographer Bill Fortney of my desire to shoot Monument Valley, and what’s known as “The Golden Cirlce”. Bill went and made a whole workshop of it that i’m doing in November! There are two parts to it: a Photo Tour and a Workshop. If you’re interested, more information is at the jump link. If you’re not interested in doing a tour of workshop.. you may not even want to click expand.. its a lot of info. But man is it gonna be fun!

The Photo Tour

November 3rd-7th His Light Workshops**
A Saturday through Wednesday Southwest Tour to include; Monument
Valley, guided by a premier Navajo guide, Lower Antelope Slot Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National . Cost for this one is $399 (and I may be wrong but may be about 1 seat short of sold out.) A photo tour doesnt really have classroom instruction. This is more of a “Lets get up at o Dark 30, get gear, go out and shoot till we pass out.. sleep for 4 hours.. and do it again… ” Kinda like what you saw me do in Bodie. You’ll see my stream flooded with this trip’s pictures as its my bucket list.

The Paige Workshop

November 7th-11th The Social Media/Website-Blog Construction/HDR Workshop will be held in Page, AZ, the jumping off point for such great shooting locations as; Horse Shoe Bend, Lower Antelope Slot Canyon, Big Water, Lake Powell, and a Bar-B-Q dinner at the famous Paria Outpost!
Over 20 hours of great classroom teaching and critiques sessions. Lodging at the beautiful Page Courtyard by Marriott. The Paige workshop is $899.00 and this one has me teaching right through it with the Bill Fortney Workshop Staff

Who is the Staff

6 Leaders: Captian Bill Fortney, +RC Concepcion Jim Begley, +John Barrett and two more TBD. +Matt Kloskowski has intimated he may crash this.. lol

Disclaimers and Contact

If you have any questions on this or want to join me, Please contact Bill Fortney billfortney – at – or call (606)-344-0455. He’s the main contact here.. I just go and hang out the window like a Lab.

The His Light Workshops (the first tour) is photo tour that is led by Bill Fortney, and has a passion for sharing their love of Jesus Christ. In that, this is a workshop that is Christian based. Obviously, anyone can go, and the spiritual side of this isnt prominent.. its just there if you need it. Despite not being a Christian, I found the entire event completely incredible.. and just bathed in the vibe of great great people. Just wanted to be sure it was out there. If you want to know more about this, check out Bills post on it.. its really neat:

Cant wait to see you guys out there!!!


  1. How can I register for the Photo tour and Paige workshop in November of this year?
    Guy Rolland

  2. Hey Guy:

    Bill Fortney is the best guy to contact for this. You can get him here or call (606)-344-0455

    Let me know if you get a hold of him.. if not I can give it a shot.


  3. Assume you mean Page, AZ and not Paige???

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