Signing with Sabine – Episode 1

OK.. now that its Friday post 6PM, you pretty much know what happens. Nerd Daddy goes out and tries to find cool things to do with +Jenn Concepcion and Sabine. When I was a kid, I was raised on a diet of little wrestling me (MUSCLE anyone?), Army men, and running around. Sabine, however, is playing with slapping on Lav mics and rehearsing lines of her favorite shows and working on #photography

The video was done in #Adobe #Photoshop – im going to setup a hangout to talk about how I did it sometime during the weekend. If you’d be interested, lemme know!


  1. Sabine is such a cutie! She’s a lucky girl having a dad that can make a quality record all her cuteness too!

    Sure, I’d love to get in on a Hangout about the creation. I’ve got CS6 and a D7000, but haven’t done any video editing yet other than one project of recording family stories told by my dad edited with iMovie:

    I’m particularly interested in how you captured the audio as this often seems to be the weak spot with DSLR videos.

  2. Oh my goodness. Sabine is too cute. Forget about learning how to make videos, I want to see more Sabine!

  3. Too cute. She’s going to LOVE this when she gets older.

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