1. Wow the resolution of the shot is huge. Such detail at that zoom level. My camera can’t give that type of detail even at ISO 100 and in bright daylight

  2. Ok so just when I thought you’d zoomed out all the way…you went some more…and then some more!!!!

    That is one heck of alot of detail 🙂

    Nice one,

  3. Great idea, it really showcases what the D800 can do.

  4. Cool picture to demonstrate the mind blowing amount of Detail!

    My first reaction to the ongoing zooming out was: WoooooooW…

  5. The detail of the Nikon 800 is incredible. Too bad I committed to Canon 25 years ago. Oh well, maybe they’ll come up with something like the 800 soon. Great pics RC. See you at Photoshop World in Sep.

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