We Need a Burger Over Here. STAT!

To say that we were hungry after the closing #Photoshop World ceremonies is an understatement.  Immediately after, a bunch of us headed out to Fremont Street in Old #LasVegas to go make some #photography when we stumbled onto a burger and fries place called The Heart Attack Grill ® .  Waitresses dressed like nurses.  Waiters dressed like surgeons, and the whole place was very tounge in cheek.  The whole Idea started with me thinking “How funny would it be if +Pete Collins used the Mustard and Ketchup as paddles on me” in my head.

Not too soon after, I was laying on the table in front of every customer, with+Daniel Gregory behind the controls, +Ken Falk working the chest +Peter James Zielinski about to do CPR +Pete Collins paddling  and +Jim Gilbert running to get help. Nurse Heather and the Doctor did their part well, and were so cool to play along. Thankfully, the their Bypass ® burgers came in time and we were back to shooting in no time!


  1. Is hdr really helping here ro just making everything blurry

  2. I don’t know if that surgeon on the left is sad that you are coding or if thats embarrassment but its a great moment!

  3. Hilarious RC! How was the food??

  4. Eh, it was ok.. Standard burger Fry stuff… but ok..

  5. Its more sad than anything..

  6. Its just making everything blurry.. HDR doesnt ever help any situation.. its just a sham.

    That good?

  7. Looks selectively “blurry” to me. Like it.

  8. I have a question about this photo, how do you work with the image so that every person is sharp? I guess that no one is standing still enough for 5-7 frames to be an exact match, so how do you post process so that the people looks good?

  9. HDR will soon go away, just like digital, it is just a phase some of you people without talent use.

    Awesome photo RC. Sorry I missed you last week. I have heard great things!

  10. Funny/sad story. They have had 2 customers actually have heart attacks while eating their food over the last few years. I would agree though, funny idea, not much beyond that.

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