May We Never Forget 9/11

On this day, we should never forget the two thousand nine hundred and seventy seven lives that were lost on this day back in 2001.  In just a couple of short hours from a little after 8am to a little after 11am a great sadness covered us all.  I lost friends. Mothers and fathers lost sons and daughters. Wives lost husbands.  Husbands lost wives.  Children lost parents. Parents lost children.  This is something that should live with us in rememberance all of our days.  May you all rest in peace. #911   #sept11


  1. I don’t think I will ever forget the moment I saw the tower collapse. I was frozen in place, in total shock.

    The sadness and anger came later.

    Should we be so unintelligent as to forget, we will be doomed to repeat this horrifying event.

    Thank you to those that responded, and thank you isn’t enough for those who gave their life to save others. May you all rest in peace

    This link is to an amazing, uplifting video about the spontaneous effort of some awesome people:

  2. Thank you RC. I had a feeling you would post one of your NYC photos with the lights today. This is the reason I came to your site today. I pray to God we never forget.

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