The Bass Pro Shop Entracnce

At over 200,000 square feet, +John Pozadzides said that this store was a sight to behold.  Immediately after dinner with +Cali Lewis and John, we made a line over that way.  They were totally right – the place was just intense.  That said, one of the things that totally struck me was the entrace to the place.  For the longest, I had always said that I thought living in a cabin in Burlington, Vermont would just be way way cool.. and this felt so relaxing… I had to run back to the car and get the D800 for it.  Id make some changes (remove the animals and replace with technology), but yeah.. this would be my speed.. totally..

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  1. RC, this photo is way cool. I have also imagined living in a cabin away from the rat race. Could you describe how you created this image? HDR right? Did you use a Tripod? How many frames? PS HDR or HDR Efex?

    Thanks, Luis

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