The Grid: Where I Almost Told My Story

Yesterday, Scott Kelby asked me if I would join him on an episode of The Grid – the weekly talk show we do here at Kelby Media Group. We wanted to turn this entire show over to our fans and have them ask us any question. True to form, all of you guys gave us some amazing topics and questions.

About 51 minutes into the show, we got to talking a little about the transition between something you love to something you work and make a living on. This was also the place where we got to talking ever so briefly about Scott’s backstory and how things have evolved into where he is today- a story that I always find really inspiring.

I cant really explain why I thought it was a good idea.. but in the middle of it, I decided to tell just a little bit of a story of how I got back to where I am today… and as soon as i did, I felt amazingly freaked out about it.. (partly because I was going to lose it. Im so glad I didnt.)

That said – I had spend a great amount of time thinking and talking about this to myself.. and wanting to tell stories that are a lot closer to me.. (Zack Arias actually started making me think about this… so I totally blame him.) I want to put it together a little organized.. so I will do this soon.. But I appreciated being able to share just a little bit more of why I am so motivated to do what I love to do.


  1. Being able to share something so deeply personal is a rare trait. I saw that episode, well, heard it really, and thought it was great that you and Scott could and would share those personal sides.

    As to this post, I’ll hold you to it, my friend!

  2. That segment really touched me, from you and Scott. It really showed me that, while you guys are very successful and top notch photographers, you are still very humble and come from humble beginnings. I personally really appreciated the reflections. Thanks.

  3. Don Rafael,
    Your story is truly an amazing one and I most certainly would like to hear, read, and/or see you tell the rest of it. What is awesome is that we can cherish even those difficult times. I encourage you to continue to be great at what you do which is inspire us all. I have your interview with Ibarionex saved and have heard it at least ten times since it aired. God bless you and your family.

    José Rosa

  4. I really look forward to reading your story, RC. I agree with the other commenters. While the shows at KelbyTV, KelbyTraining, etc. are all top-notch, it is refreshing to hear the human, down-to-earth side from you and the other presenters.

    Hearing a few morsels about how you and Scott came from the ashes to be so successful today really hooked me. It was good to hear that hard work and years of dedication to an idea can really pay off. I really want to know the whole story. I understand that it’s an emotional topic, so take your time and share it whenever you’re ready.

    All the best!

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