First Sunset in Our Room: Jade Mountain

We have had the most amazing day here. Jade Mountain in St. Lucia has got to be one of the most incredible sights to see. The room that we are staying in is enormous, and has only three walls. The fourth wall is missing, revealing the legendary Piton mountains on one side and the carribean to the right. This is where we will be doing out workshop with +Joe McNally . I am humbled at the opportunity, and blessed beyond measure to be here.


  1. Hey RC,
    Sounds like an amazing place to be.

    Have a great time out there; looking forward to hearing all about it.


  2. Wow, RC.
    Great Picture.
    I know now what it means to never give up…
    The view is fabulous and the hotel is amazing.
    It makes me cry, I am so glad for you.
    Take Care,Bernard

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