Resting at Jade Mountain St. Lucia

I’d love to be able to put into words how the experience has been here, but to be frank, I just dont think that words really could do it justice. We have spent the last couple of days walking around and experiencing all of what Jade Mountain has to offer, and it has just been surreal. You kinda just walk around here with a big smile on your face – in shock that the folks here have created something so magical.

Its the end of the first day of the workshop with Joe McNally, and we have spent some time with some cool shooters making pictures. Ive popped in here and there to make some shots and offer advice on things – as well as roam the place and take some neat pictures. This one was particularly cool for me. Its just hanging out, after a long day, Jenn sleeping in bed, and me just going through my take of images. I figured i’d make a quick snap of the moment. Sleeping under the stars, in the coolest bed, with nothing just the sounds of the jungle ringing through the mountain.

This place is pure magic. Im so humbled for the opportunity…


  1. LOve it. Life drops little gifts from time to time into the hands of those who truly appreciate them. If there is one person out there that deserves this trip, its you and yours! Great image and thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. What you could not express in words…you have certainly captured it perfectly in your photograph. Enjoy your time at Jade Mountain!

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