Putting My Tripod To The Test

I have been really beating on my Really Right Stuff TQC14 Tripod last couple of months. It was high time I gave it a rest and let it unwind. (Thanks to my wife +Jenn Concepcion for getting a COOL shot here! Got skills!)

By submerging it in over 5 feet of water with me. Sitting at the edge. of the Infinity pool in our room to make a shot at Jade Mountain. Im sure it can take it. As +Joe McNally says.. get the camera to an interesting place. This was one more like a heart stopping place for me. lol


  1. I’m sure the Jade Mountain shot is beautiful, but this is a great shot as well. My heart would be pounding as well if my camera was that close to the water…

  2. and where is the shot you took? shots of photographers shooting always makes me wonder what they were looking at!

  3. RC, I get nervous when I shoot and it rains, you brought it to a whole new level! Great shot by your wife too!

  4. I would be so scared to do that.

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