Take My Tripod, Please

Shooting in NYC definitely has its extremes when it comes to the use of tripods in places.  Ive shot in some really cool spots where people have been totally cool with them, and some spots where they saw a tripod as just this abomination that should never be allowed in a building.

In places where Tripods are seen like a plague, I usually walk in with my camera bag and show my tripod proudly.  More often than not, I offer it to the guys as a willing decoy.  Truth is, i’ll usually have a couple of other tools in my bag that will let me so do what i need.

Take this place for instance.  The tripod was immediately confiscated at the door.  However, this beautiful scene of NYC at night sits in front of you, shielded by emergency glass.  I took out a Manfrotto 709B desk stand and extended one of the little legs forward.  Sticking the other two legs straight down, I placed the camera on the crack in the glass.  Holding the legs against the class made it steady enough for me to get the shot I wanted.   This little buddy’s got me some really cool shots.. so im pretty grateful.


  1. If nothing else the city is photogenic. Great shot. and a very good tip. I do much the same with my Gorillapod. Always good have have a back-up.

  2. Thanks RC. I didn’t know this existed. Do you like this over the Joby gorillapod? If so, why?

  3. I have the same tripod made in the old day’s by Polroid. Trouble is, I can’t find it. It will show up one day. It even has a nice little case with it. Anyway I just ordered another one. Thanks RC

  4. You must carry some Harry Potter like bag with a never ending supply of cool things.

  5. RC, I know you like gadgets like me, so I think you should take a look at the HandlePod. It might work in situations like this one… (

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