The Narrows – Zion National Park


Hey everyone.  Taking a break from the incredibly frenetic shooting schedule that we have out here with Bill Fortney at the Red Rock Adventure tour.  The group that we have been hanging with have been great, and theres been a ton of fellowship, education, and photography done in the last few days.  Thankful to be a part of the team.

On Wednesday, we had a couple of hours to drive down to Page, AZ for the next leg of our tour.  We were set up in Zion National Park in Utah when my buddy Steve asked if we would be interested in going out and making a shot of  The Narrows – an amazing hiking trail through the canyon at Zion.  We headed out to the adventure store and picked out dry pants, shoes, dry bags for the cameras and headed out for a 6 mile trek in The Narrows.

Whenever I am out on a workshop, the number one thing that always pops into my head is “What am I doing today to get to the shot that people would not normally get to”.  While it would have been totally cool to shoot from the concrete path at the start of the hike (at the Temple of Sinewava), I was told that we would be rewarded with great shooting if we traveled a couple of hours into the trail, navigating through water that went as high as your stomach.

Several hours later, my D800 in hand, I was able to make a couple of wonderful images inside of the canyon.  The Really Right Stuff TQC13 tripod actually held up much better than I thought it would in these conditions, and I was gifted with a couple of great images for it.

The memories of hiking with good friends, camera in hand, was even more priceless..   and i’m ever grateful for it.

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  1. This is hands down beautiful! At first I thought it was manipulated. It’s breath taking!

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