Waaay too close to the Edge of Horseshoe Bend

This is my friend Chuck Barnes hanging from the very edge of Horseshoe Bend.  This was part of the Bill Fortney Red Rock Adventure Workshop.  He was an absolute blast to work with.  Too bad he fell.   RIP.


Totally Kidding… he’s not dead.  Just really badly bruised.  This is the moment that he decided to run and see if he could make it to the top of the Butte. We are sitting in class right now talking about making a sample blog post.  Just didnt know what to write.


  1. RIP= Rest in Pieces 8^)

  2. A beautiful place but does test your nerve if you have a hard time with heights.

  3. Did you know that the rapids on the left are called Goodyear shoals because a big tire (construction equipment?) can be seen resting on the bottom in the water?

  4. I have seen photos that Chuck had shot some time ago of this area. He is a blast to have as a Nephew! I am his Aunt in Tennessee.. Have a good time. 🙂

  5. Great fish eye views!

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