The Bends? A Dad Morning

A very exhausting morning. Sabine woke up in the middle of the night with a pain “At her bends… ” Basically, the crook on the opposite side of the kneee. So bend your knee to a 45 and that crease on the opposite end. Thats where it hurt.

So, I slept as best I could with my hands on “her bends” for several hours as she slept. At one point we mustve both passed out cause I awoke with her joyfully proclaiming! “My bends!! They feel all better!!! Daddy fixed them!”

That part was cool.. the not sleeping? Not so cool… ugh..


  1. Your devotion is wonderful. She’s a very lucky girl

  2. Healing hands!
    Way to go mate; you is a Top Dad!!!

    Glyn 🙂

  3. Cool story from a warm hearted dad. Sabine and Jen are lucky girls.

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