Going to Meet Evie

So, yesterday during the Help Portrait event, +Jenn Concepcion had sent me some pictures of a 3 month old Lab/Husky mix that my daughter Sabine was playing with (see him in action here: ).  She simply said, “Sabine loves her… and she seems to love Sabine.”   I told her under no circumstances is she to commit to the adoption lady as to they need a neutral third party that is not swayed by “oh how cute a puppy” mentalities  This puppy will need to deal with me.

So, we schedule some time at the dog park and the Foster dog lady brings Evie over for me to give her the look over.

Situation not looking good….


  1. With those white feet might I suggest “Bootsie” 😉

  2. LOL! Sabine’s seems to be not the only one the puppy loves. Merry Christmas! Your life is about to change dramatically. But for the best. Definitely for the best. It just may take you awhile to figure it out. : ) Meantime, you
    may have to change the Kelby Media stance on including photos of cute dogs in your portfolio. Adorable puppy for a precious little girl. – “Tai chicken pizza”

  3. I woke up this morning to see a white lab puppy face looking directly down on me. Before I could really focus my eyes, he attacked. Big tongue stuck right in my face, lashing me over and over again.

    Be careful, or this kind of thing could happen to you.

  4. My wife adopted a Lab, foster lady said “I hope you have a good sense of humor”. He makes us laugh every day, good luck RC.

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