1. Uh oh, you’re doomed, man.

  2. So do you have the new member of the family home yet?

  3. Dude… they are ADORABLE together!!!!

  4. As a family that raises Guide Dog Puppies for the blind be ready for having two toddlers in the house. Labs have the personality of wanting to please while Huskies like to be in charge. So not sure which one will come out as she gets older.

    If you are firm at first (firm not strict) the pup will come to understand what you expect. All our pups are trained to wait for their meals, sit, and “do their business on rocks and not the grass. This starts when they are 10 weeks old and stays with them till we send them off to Puppy College to learn how to be guide dogs.

  5. Same as HenryH above: Man, you are “very” doomed 🙂

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