Nothing’s Free

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I think i’m missing something on the entire #Instagram  is going to sell your images without your permission news story.  I’ve seen a ton of posts that are like “How dare they!” Which just confuse me.

So, a picture you took that you were totally OK with giving away  makes you angry when a company finds a way to  _possibly_ sell it.  On a service you pay absolutely _nothing_ for.  Didn’t that kinda tip you off to start?  If you wanted to really get paid on that picture you took, wouldn’t it have gone somewhere that it could’ve done you the most good.  A website you own, perhaps?


  1. I was kinda upset when I first read about it, but you make a great point in that people are willing to give their pictures away in the first place.

  2. How would you feel if you gave someone a gift and the delivery man took it and sold it?

    When you post a photo you’re making a gift to your readers. The delivery service, Instagram, then wants to sell it to others rather than give them the gift you offered.

    It’s not the money you’ve lost, it’s the joy of giving. And that’s a much greater loss.

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