Dear Youtube :(

Dear +YouTube – I know millions upon millions of people use you and love your content. But I think its also agreed by millions that your comments can be about the most repulsive and ill serving.

I would propose this. Instead of having a “Show More Button” just turn it into “Show Comments”. Let your users, by default, hide all of those comments by default. It really does soil the experience of watching your videos.

Now, how do we get this into a real suggestion box. Anyone?


  1. I don’t know how to get You Tube to listen, but I certainly agree with you, RC.

  2. After posting videos for test drives we did during a campaign we got nothing but stupid horrible comments and at that point I came to the realization that I will never leave comments on again.

  3. I agree – comments are pretty bad on YouTube.
    You know though, if they don’t change that box…there is a temporary fix. Turn on “safe mode” at the bottom of the page and comments are automatically hidden by default. You can see them by clicking “Show Hidden Comments.”

  4. I think it was Jeremy Cowart who once labeled YouTube the “smelly armpit of the Internet”. I couldn’t agree more with your post and his words.

  5. After some bad ones (off topic, spam, etc.) I’ve simply turned on comment moderation. That way, the viewers never see the stupid ones. (Contstructive critics allowed, though.)

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