Sabine and Santa: Don’t Force a Copy

This year, Sabine, Jenn, and I went back to the most awesome looking santa in the world, sitting in the Oldsmar Flea market. We were trying to recreate the shot we did last year. Internally, I was getting upset that the backgrounds weren’t the same, the candles were missing, and I couldn’t get the framing I wanted.

While im thinking things through, I catch Sabine going down to give Santa a big hug (This is the fourth time she’s come to see him this month, mind you.. they’re buddies now), and Santa gives her the most beautiful hug. I quickly reach for the shutter and pop pop pop out a bracketed set.

If theres one tip that I would leave you with – its this. Always have an idea for what you want, but make sure its got a little bit of wiggle in it. Sometimes the best shots are just thrown in front of you and all you have to do it be open to getting them.


  1. Beautiful image, RC 🙂 I love the processing to make it look like a painting. You should do a tutorial on this one.

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