Portrait: Zack Arias

I came up to Atlanta to hang out for the Imaging USA show this past weekend.  While here, I wanted to spend time with a photographer who I really find to be very inspiring – Zack Arias.

Zack, Meg, and I spent the evening yesterday thinking of some upcoming ideas for Kelby Training (Im excited about this), and just shooting the @(*&) about  life.  Meg had to unfortunately depart, but we pressed onward to his lab where he’s making pictures as he got some coffee ready I played in the different rooms.  I thought this corner of the place was really cool so I asked him to stand there for me for a sec.  Always associating him with the Onelight mantra (and the lightbulb logo), I thought it be neat to make a portrait of him surrounded by his moments of inspiration.

Ever since I saw Transform – a video on the realities of being a photographer,  I’ve had this thorn stuck in my brain. The ability to share from such a deep place and communicate these  thoughts with people so clearly is something that very few people share.  Zack has got that gift.  He is an extremely talented photographer that takes you through his process in this “This is how it actually is” voice that is really refreshing in this day and age of hypermarketing.

It was a late night, but it was definitely a chance to recharge artistically…  and for that i’m really grateful.


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  1. Nice shot of a great guy.

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