Focus: Children’s Pics With Mobile Phones


I’d love to tell you that making pictures of cool family moments is this whole Bresson-esque experience. I’d love to say I can quickly pull out the iPhone, it focuses immediately and I can blast out a quick set of shots, with one being a winner.

Truth be told, it often times is the exact opposite of that. The phones (iPhone or otherwise) can quite suck, they don’t fire as fast as they could – and do so so in darker light.

The biggest part of getting a good shot for me is actually getting my child to look at the spot I need her to. She’s 4. Telling her “hey look at this really little tiny dot in this square of black and smile” just doesn’t translate. To them, they are looking at you or looking at the black chunk of stuff in your hand.

My wife Jenn got to saying to Sabine “look at the apple” for a shot and that was usually a great idea. The iPhone 5 made that a little harder as its a little harder to see. This gave me an idea that I think all parents with kids should do.


Use stickers!! By putting the sticker next to the lens you can get them to look exactly where you need them to. Add some text and you can say “hey… What does my sticker say?” And pop the shot.

By hook or by crook is what I always say 🙂


  1. What a great idea! Thanks!!


  2. Great tip! Love the Mo Willems shirt!

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