Moving Day (Transferring Data to Synology DS1812)


Ive been working on consolidating all of the data that I have into one centralized area for backup.  From multiple hard drives, different computers, Lightroom catalogs, work stuff.  I wanted one spot that would hold all of this.  I was using a different solution that had just proved to be sporadic in its connection.  After several recommendations, I started playing around with Synology products – specifically the DS1812  (Can Get on Amazon here : disclosure.. thats an affiliate link ) .

When I was out in Seattle I had asked to meet with some of the folks at Synology that did the social media front and they were cool enough to invite me over and answer any specific questions I may have on the unit.  Truth be told after about an hour of playing with this I was like “This is very easy to set up man, I think i’m good”

Now, I plan on doing a whole blog (and set of videos) talking about the whole process, but today was specifically important to me.  You see, on the last spot where I had my images I really had some family shots that I would have totally been mad at myself had I lost.  When connectivity became…  sporadic…  I said to myself “Im not reconnecting this thing again and risking all of this data going south.  The next time I connect this RAID is when Im ready to do the exodus. ”

That was this morning….Go Data Transfer Go!!!  More on the setup later!


  1. Hello RC…I hope you remember my name! You, Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski left a really great and positive feedback for my pics on “The Grid (live)”…I wonder if you hopefully get back with me

  2. I guess that “different solution that proved to be sporadic” is covered with the paper towel. Let’s just keep it between us that it’s a Drobo. I use the Synology also, albeit mine is a 1512+, and I am very pleased with its performance.

  3. Looks like your transferring from. DROBO to the new unit. Which unit were you using? I had a flakey FS unit and DROBO replaced it and now everything word fine.

  4. I made the move to Synology last summer, still locating all random hard drives throughout home to copy over. It is a huge relief to have it there.

    I have Crashplan backing up the most critical folders from my Synology RAID. Because I’m a belts-suspenders-belts-rope kind of gal. 😀


  5. Just us posted. I’m very interested in how this works out.

  6. Just to state the obvious RAID != Backup

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