The Don Vicente (Source Files for HDR)

There is this really cool hotel here in Ybor City (an area here in Tampa), called the Don Vicente hotel.  A landmark of this area, the inside of the structure is just this really cool Old Florida feel.  It also has this really expansive feeling to it that I thought would lend itself well to two different things:  An HDR and a Panoramic. Click on the picture above to see a much bigger version of it.

While I was kinda pleased with one shot of it, I thought back to how much fun it was to see, share, and comment on all of the cool treatments that were done with the car at Bodie bracketed series I had on the blog a little bit ago (Click on that link to get to those files).  I figured, “Hey.. this will not only test people’s ability to work on HDR, but test their ability to merge images into a panorama, and how to deal with the….. challenges it can produce.

Again – i’d love to see what you guys come up with.  Click here to get the files to play with yourself.  Once you are done, please feel free to leave me a comment with a link to the image here.

Better Yet!!!! Go over to my Google Plus page and leave me a link there.  I would be more than happy to reshare out some of them!  Have fun guys!


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to work with these images. It was fun. My interpretation is — I also did some research on the hotel and apparently it’s haunted 🙂

  2. Thanks again RC! These are a lot of fun to do. My version is over here:

  3. Thanks RC. I enjoyed processing this one. Here’s my version of your image:

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