Sabine @ 2500 ISO (Nikon D4)


Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to borrow the Nikon D4.  While I wanted to go out and test some different kinds of pictures, it really didnt pan out.  While at home, I figured I would just kick up the ISO and  hang with my daughter while she played with her Playdoh.


These shots are at 2500 ISO.  I just think that technologically, this is pretty amazing.  On my desk is a roll of 400 film – a technological ceiling that existed not too long ago.  To think that we’re getting to a point where we can just throw up crazy ISO ranges and be able to capture a moment is something that I give much thanks for.  There are less and less reasons for us not to achieve those shots that are sitting in our imaginations..

(figured id end it with my daughter looking like she just got busted practicing being a graffiti artist)

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