WPPI Day 1

Just getting ready for another day at WPPI here in Las Vegas after a great first day! It had been a while since I’ve come to the WPPI show, so I was happy to check out whats to do here in Vegas in March. Suffice it to say there was a lot of buzz around. Figured id show a couple of shots of the area.

This is a quick video from our video team at Kelby Training. Mia McCormick takes us through a light that is making a splash here at the show, the Skylux LED light from Westcott. Inredibly bright, soft, dimmable. You can even add softboxes to it. Cant wait to get my hands on this one!

Scott Kelby had a great showing at his presentation at Nikon yesterday. He’s on deck to do it again today, so you may not want to miss this one!

Peter Hurley was everywhere at this conference, as proven by the throngs of smiling people left in his wake. He also had a new product that he was debuting here at the show. LED lights, bold and beautiful, and all Hurley.

Fuji also had a bit of a crowd around their booth. The buzz around this side is centered around the new X100s. A higher pixel count, great noise reduction, and sharp fast focus seems to have everyone salivating on this new release – including yours truly. I played with one at the booth for a couple of minutes and really wanted to go out and kick the tires on it. Great job there guys!

This is the crew behind CamRanger – a device that lets you connect your DSLR camera to your ipad. Not only can you do liveview of the camera, you can save JPG images to the ipad while saving RAW files to a card. You can do HDR exposures much past the limits of your camera. You can control all of the settings of your DSLR. You can focus stack a series of images. It even supports touch focusing while recording movies on that DSLR. Great product and the folks here are certainly happy for the buzz. Camranger is also working for mount solutions with TetherTools – so you’re going to want to check this out!

Kelby Training has a booth here at WPPI this year. Our instructors are giving tips, tricks, inspiration, and ideas for all photographers out there. If you are in the show floor, make sure you stop in and take in a quick class! Pete Collins was dazzling us with his wedding retouching when i made this quick pic.

I’ll have more later on today, but that gives a quick peek into whats shaking here at WPPI 2013!

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