Blue Hour in San Francisco

Had a wonderful time with the group that came out to my Photoshop for Photographers tour stop in South San Francisco.  The crowd was so much fun!

I had some time to kill after meetings at Smugmug the following day.  Rather than sit in the airport for a couple of hours, I figured I would chance going up to San Francisco and seeing if I could use the Coolpix A to make a shot while up there.  I found that the 35mm lens wasn’t really the best choice for what I was trying to do, so I had to quickly abandon that plan.  While walking back to the car during blue hour, I happen to notice this guy just checking his phone at the helm of the Powell St. cable car.

I used to ride this car up and down Powell St. incessantly when I last worked out in San Francisco for a company called Intershop.  Id spend weeks out here on my own, and found great comfort in just getting onto the car and heading down to Fishermans Wharf.  From there, I’d usually get myself a small bag of mini donuts and go and stare into the a store they had there that sold nothing but puppets.  I’ve always been interested in Theater.. and I admire puppetry as they are able to just transmit so many emotions into an inanimate object.

Anyway.. puppets aside – walking by the streetcars just brought me back so many years to that when I was here in that past life.  I feel like I often walk around places and find Ghosts of my past lives intersecting with me and it was neat that this time it was still enough for me to try to make a shot.  Thanks for the nostalgia, San Francisco!

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  1. Great photo and narrative RC. Enjoy watching you on DTV and PSUTv. Your instructional style is always warm and informative, but professional too. Making my way through a copy of your HDR bookat the moment as well. I am so excited about my photography these days because of you folk at the Kelby Domain Brgds, Keith

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