The Grill is Gone


The grill is gone away for good…

As my friends would often have to suffer through, I really do dig living in Florida for the ability to use a grill. This is something I used to buy books on and drool as I walked into Home Depot stores (mmmm Weber Genesis 4 burner..) . A couple of years ago I got a Brinkman grill from Home Depot and I have to say it did ok.

Yesterday, the reality set in As I looked at the grill and I knew that it was time to let her go. Just as I was thinking about doing this a pick up truck drove by the house and it look like they were collecting metal parts to take for recycling. I knew then, the grill needed to go. There is a little empty place in my heart right now, but I will start looking into filling that place really soon…. God speed Brinkman Grill. Ya done good, pig…


  1. Might I suggest a char broil charcoal grill with a webber hurricane can charcoal starter can.

  2. Go for the Weber RC and never look back. They cost, and I know, how good can a grill be? Trust me they
    are great. They also have a good warranty.
    I don’t have anhot spotsts, mine is 3 years old and the only thing that has gone wrong is the igniter went out.
    I went to order a new igniter and found out it was covered under warranty.

    Fair winds


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