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Go Find A Shot! Listen to the Voices!


In Milwaukee sitting in my hotel room wondering if there’s a shot around here. As I am driving to the hotel I see the Basilica of Josephat. I figure hey- even if its closed – I’m guaranteed not to get a shot laying here in the hotel.

Sure enough I get there and yea- it’s closed. Dejected I start wandering and thinking. And run right into this. Needless to say I shoot with one eye on not wanting to spend the night in jail. Bunch of kids come in with some point and shoots but I keep at it making my shots. I quickly leave after the shots.

I write this post from across the street from a bar… in my car reviewing the shots. Im about a block away from the place.

…watching a couple of cop cars right in front of me speeding to the site. Those kids are going to have a bad evening.

Timing is everything.

Listen to that little voice that tells you to shoot. More importantly – listen to it when it _tells you to leave_

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  1. Excellent! Intuition always works… 🙂

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