The Patriotic Tooth Fairy

So, the first part of this sucks.  My four year old Sabine had some problem with a part of her gum, and affected a tooth.  So.. we had to take her to the dentist to get it looked at.  After a couple of weeks, the doctor recommended that she have it pulled and a spacer pulled in.  Kinda bothers me as a dad, especially considering that this little girl’s idea of partying out is to have raw broccoli or kale chips (something she TOTALLY gets from my wife Jenn).  She’s a charming, intelligent little girl.. so if this is all I have to deal with.. I can be ok.  But man did it break my heart picking her up today.

Now, after making light of how “Big” shes getting and getting her in great spirits, she wanted to make sure that the Tooth Fairy knew what was up, and what she wanted.  We took my Google Voice number on Jenn’s phone and reprogrammed it to say “Tooth Fairy”.  Now she can send her a message!

Jenn and I totally wanted to get her a crisp dollar bill.  Or four quarters.. cause she’s 4.  But what does she want from the Tooth Fairy as her first gift?

An American Flag.  For her mailbox.  Toy? Nope.  A Flag.  Now, this is coming from a kid who almost got me in trouble trying to vote for “…my president Barack Hussein Obama” (spare the political comments.. shes 4..and likes Lincoln too..).  And likes to have dinner on the American Presidents placemat.  We’re raising a 21st century Alex P. Keaton.

Late night run to Lowes got us all setup for tomorrow though.  She’s a funny little kid.

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  1. Love this RC – I think she’s brilliant and totally creative. Thanks for sharing it.

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