I Am Not Very Handy

Whenever i’m around my family, they always remind me of something that I said when I got out of college.

“If I can’t move it with a mouse, I am not moving it.”

Truth be told, it’s always been a joke that i’ve said to try to admit to myself that I absolutely _suck_ at doing anything with my hands.  Fixing my car. Hanging a picture. Fixing anything in my house.  I just plain suck at it.  This weekend I decided “There is a screen panel in my enclosure that is broken.  I _will_ fix it.”  Everyone told me how dead easy it is to fix.

That is, until you impale yourself in your hand doing the simplest thing.

Oh yeah… impale yourself..  with @*&(((*&@ needle nose pliers.  Of all things…

Its finally on.  After putting it on TWICE,  finally came out and helped me get it on…

I’m hopeless.

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  1. We still love ya RC!

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