Apple’s iOS7 – Kinda Familiar

So.. just got to the WWDC Apple keynote where they are talking about all of the changes to iOS7.

Congratulations guys. You just invented Microsoft Windows8. Get out there and give yourselves a post skeuomorphic pat on the back. When Redmond does it, it just looks plain weird, but when Cupertino does it, people clap over seeing animated snow on a weather forecast app. Actually.. to be more accurate, its like Windows Phone, Windows8, and Palm’s WebOS mated, and this was the baby that was produced. ¬†Oh, and way to throw all of the teams before you on iOS design under the bus..

(And I actually LIKE Apple products)

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  1. I couldn’t agree more RC. The new look is plain awful to me. Did MS payoff Johnny Ive?

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