*The Bittersweet Toy Transfer*

Yesterday my friend Mia Sunshine McCormick came by and was chatting with Jenn Bontempi Concepcion while going over the toys that we had spread out for her to take. If there is one thing that I have really appreciated and loved about the parenting community (obviously I can only speak for around here), is how it feels like a -community-. My wife Jenn has constantly been on the phone with so and so who could use this. Or getting something from So and So that Sabine can wear because they grew out of it.

Jenn has been in the process of making sure all of the clothes and toys that we have in the garage go to actual people and places, rather than taking them to a goodwill. For clothes, she decided to take all of them to a Foster area that has foster parents meet once a month and go through the clothes. For the toys, she wanted our friends to take a look before doing the same. In light of seeing all of these articles where Charities are pocketing large percentages of donations, she (and I ) just didnt want to drop something off, only to see a price sticker on it 2 hours later.

Keeping the community circle going makes this process a little bit more palatable. I’d be lying if I didnt say that I was hit with a tidal wave of emotions when I opened a box of toys last night.


I just sat there listening to “When Somebody Loved Me” from Toy Story 2. Why did I do it to myself? Who knows.. but man did that suck.

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  1. I understand completely. There are times I take stuff to the various charities around. I prefer the ones where the Thrift Store is for the small local charity rather than a national chain.

    Another thing you can check out is Freecycle. It is a web based charity that was started by a guy in Tucson who was looking for a way to keep tangible goods out of landfills. You post an offer at the site and choose from the replies you get who to give it to. They come and pick it up. It was so popular that it is now international.

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