Determined to Learn To Swim – Just not by Mom & Dad

Ever since she was born, Sabine was NOT a fan of getting water on her face. Absolutely positively NOT an option. Jenn Bontempi Concepcion unfortunately endured soo many weeks of swim classes where Sabine was just not HAVING it. Hell, bath time was a chore at times with her not wanting her face wet.

So, we go to Sarasota for a vacation. I dont get there until several days after Jenn spends the time with my best friend Al Fudger. When I get there, Al is like “Hey.. Sabine.. show dad what you can do.” and sure as heck, she dunks her head -straight- under water. Pinching her nose. That was at least progress..

From there, Jenn said “We need to go to Swim classes -now-. Shes ready” Wouldnt you know about 3 sessions of it and shes taking to it well. Still she hates diving way underwater.

So.. our friends Jay, Susan, and Mia come by. Susan laughs at the amount of dive toys I want to buy and says “When we were kids.. this is how we learned.” She proceeds to throw a quarter and some pennies to the bottom of the pool and says “Sabine.. dive down and get those..”

So whos -determined- to learn how to get to the bottom? Yeah. Im ever grateful to Al for starting it.. and for Jay and Susan for keeping it going. Considering the fact that I myself am still on the learning to swim journey.. its so amazingly appreciated.

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