Santa Monica Pier in HDR

When i’m making a picture, I am constantly telling myself “You are not the first person to stand in this spot. But this will be your picture”.  There was a time where I thought of photography tantamount to picture collecting.  Show up to location, set exposure, get same shot 1000 people got before you. Leave.  As it turns out, a picture has an incredible amount of wiggle room for you to put your fingerprint on.  When you are there, it’s your job as a photographer to find that place, and set your fingerprint.

Can vote on the shot at 500px:

I don’t watch a lot of movies, but when I do, they are very weird ones.  One of my favorites is “City of Lost Children” (link here: .  I had this in the back of my head when walking around and looking to make my shot of this iconic place.   Thank you soo much Mike Kubeisy and Joey Lozano for spending time with me yesterday.  Absolutely enjoyed my day in LA.



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