St. Lucia with Joe McNally in Under a Month!

(That’s McNally making a picture of Jenn- They work a lot together.  This is about as close as im allowed in the picture… )

Putting aside the photography for a second, the time I spent at  Anse Chastanet / Jade Mountain – St. Lucia was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever been blessed with.  I was always a person who shied away from vacations in the sand.  This was just transformative.  If there was one thing that really made this special for me was to see just how well Jenn was treated by the folks at Jade.  She was pampered beyond belief.. and to me, that brought the biggest smile.  Its no wonder that Jade Mountain was just named the #1 Hotel in the Caribbean by Travel and Leisure awards for 2013.

In just over a month, I’ll be back with Joe Mcnally again teaching everything from Photoshop post processing techniques to video production in Photoshop.  HDR image making, to using Lightroom.  I like the small class settings on something like this because you can work hard and play just as hard.  I’m not even factoring in learning advanced Flash from McNally himself.

This is happening August 24-31 2013 . If you are interested in attending this once in a lifetime experience, click on the link below to get some additional information on it.

One Week Photo Workshop with Joe McNally – Guest Instructor: RC Concepcion

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  1. Wish I could make it. Looks like an amazing place to learn from the masters!

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