Print Testing Sunday

Today was a pretty cool day.  Spent the morning just hanging around the house, coffee in hand testing some prints out before sending them out to people.  As much as I love #photography  I really think it comes together for me when I see it as a print.

Ansel Adams believed that the negative (in our case, the pictures that we have loaded in folders on our computers) is the equivalent of the score.  The print is the performance.   To that, we use #Photoshop and #Lightroom   (and yes.. other stuff) as our darkroom, eeking out the very best, for that moment they get printed.

(Someone will ask, so i’ll pre-empt it.  Those are coming off of an  Epson Stylus  Pro 7880.  Using Premium Luster Paper 260, as well as some Exhibition Fine Art, Cold Press Bright, and a #Hahnemühle  Photo Rag Baryta, 315 and a William Turner 190)

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  1. Some people talk about how digital photography differs from analog; about how the digital darkroom is superior for any number of reasons.

    There are those on the analog side that talk about how nothing beats the thrill of watching a print fade into view under a safelight.

    I must be weird because I get nearly the same sense of awe watching a print form row by row offa printer.

    I will say I agree with you; there’s something about a print!

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