Strega Nona

Jenn Bontempi Concepcion has spent the summer with Sabine from camp to camp – something that both of them have thoroughly enjoyed. Sabine has shown a really big leaning towards doing theater stuff. Her favorite things to listen to are musicals, and loves having us do these little fake plays (OK daddy, say this…. no say it like this… then she responds).

She did this theater camp last week where they did this book called Strega Nona. She came home and had Jenn tape the lyrics to the song to the wall so she can dance and listen and read them. Turns out, she got the part of Strega Nona and now needed to get in character.

We will not be going out and getting costumes for this hobby. Not when Jenn can run into the closet totally MacGuyver a t-shirt, a tube top, some pins, and a dress and bust out a little chef costume. Don’t know who’s enjoying this more – the four year old or my wife. Had to get a shot of her playing by her kitchen. — with Jenn Bontempi Concepcion.

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  1. RC, I love these stories about Sabine. I think she is incredibly creative and imaginative, obviously taking after both you and Jenn. I bet you can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Thank you for sharing it. Just love it!!

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