Sabine’s Mind is Blown in 3…2…1 … (Four Princesses)

On a level from 1 to Oh-My-God-My-Heads-Exploding, where do you think Sabine was when she was lead to a nondescript room behind the Guest Services counter, opened the door and saw this.  Sabine was just kinda hanging out in this area for a bit while mommy was off talking to a nice lady behind the counter.  Sabine had no idea this was coming.

So you see, Mommy happens to be a ballerina.  Oh, and she happened to have Snow White as a ballet student many moons ago.  So… mommy has got some connections in the castle herself, and was able to get Snow White to do her a solid.  What -I- didnt know was that she was going to come flanked with princesses of her own- Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Oh, and Cinderella.

So.  Here’s Sabine – just getting indoctrinated into the entire Princess thing (Jenn had a a no princess stuff in the house edict until she got older..a movie Kalebra shared kinda started turning that), to getting the royal treatment from these ladies.  Beenie is a charmer.. and in very short order had the princesses on the floor while she’s regaling them with stories on how Mommy has magical powers.. (?!)

Me?  I am just blasting away on the camera… with the biggest smile on my face and lump in my throat.  This Disney experience has been absolutely wonderful for her.


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  1. We took our 4 year old to Disney for the first time earlier this year and it was an unforgettable experience watching her see everything for the first time.

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