The Pitons From Jade Mountain

The afternoon here at Jade Mountain was spent with small rainstorms brushing through.  Standing in my room, I just had a drink and waited for the appropriate moment to come – mixing the cool clouds with the Pitons – the landmark of St. Lucia.  Jade has got the most amazing view of this from their rooms – so it really easy to get killer shots of it.  Now.. for this – this is shot with a 36MP Nikon D800.  Its 9 exposures deep, and 4 sections across.  So.. the file is HUGE!  But when this gets printed big.. it will more than make up for it!


  1. question: when doing an hdr pano do you do the hdr first on all the images or stich the pano first and then hdr?

  2. Amazing RC!

  3. I’m thinking this must be Acrylic Face Mount from Jasper Imaging!! Beautiful my friend!

  4. Now, THAT’s AWESOME!!

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