Exploring Jade Mountain Further

So its midweek at the Joe McNally workshop here in Jade Mountain St. Lucia, and to say that I have been like a kid in a candy store would be the understatement of the year.  i find myself horriby blessed to find myself able to roam about the property and make images that I feel capture the magic that you feel when you are here.  Joe and Cali have been running a phenomenal workshop and the participants and them have made abundant shots that capture the spirit of the people in this place.  To that, I decided to stick to my HDR Photography to give the spaces around me more of an surrealistic flair – to capture the mood I feel to be sitting in this room.  This room is JD1 – one of the Sanctuaries that  Jenn and I are resting our head at tonight.  To have lightning strike once and have me here for one year was something I never expected.  To have it strike twice is just unreal.  All I feel I can do is keep my eye to the camera and continue to make images.   I hope that you all have enjoyed the process as its  happening…

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