Aint Technology Grand?

So my mom has an old phone that has some pictures she wants to get out. She hands me the phone and it has a micro SD card in it. 512MB

I use my Lexar reader to get the pictures, but not without pulling out the microSD card in it I use for my GoPro. It’s size? 32GB.

I take a picture of it, and a penny for comparison. Then realize I have an +Olloclip handy- so I take a picture of the side of the penny.

Figure this has a span of what.. 8 years maybe? Yes technology changes fast but man.. We are moving a mile a minute.


  1. R.C. I have a couple of 512 CF cards that I stumbled on a couple of days ago when looking for something else. I used them in my first digital camera, an Olympus 4040Z. It had a whopping 4 MP sensor.

  2. Indeed, technology is great!

    Let’s look back 20 years or so.

    Sitting on my desk is an old full height internal hard drive from around 1992.
    – Weight: more than my DSLR and two lenses.
    – Capacity: 300MB.
    – Cost at the time (w/ employee discount): $300.

    Today, it might hold a half dozen of my finished images in TIFF format.

  3. Hey, i still have an old Iomega Zip drive disk around. All the benefits of a 3 1/2 inch disc, but with twice the thickness.

    And 100mb of storage!


  4. RC, it hasn’t even been 8 years. We jumped from 8gb to 32 in the matter of about 3 years. I was working in the camera shop when microSDs came out and were only 512mb-1gb.

    I am absolutely amazed at how fast technology changes, and I love every fleeting second as it goes by.

  5. I still have the very first CF cards I bought for my Canon A80; 128 megabytes!

    I can remember spending about $190.00 for the 512mb cards that fed my D100!!

    Today a 1000x 32gb CF card is only $115.00; we have come a long way in 11 years.

  6. When moving house a few years ago, I found a Speed Graphic price list dated somewhere between 1998 and 2000. I threw it out, but I remember that a 256MB Compact Flash card was somewhere in the region of £500 (almost $800 at today’s exchange rate). When I went digital in 2005, 1GB was £70, now I am unlucky if I cannot get 8GB under £30 from Amazon or an Ebay trader.

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