The Sunday Bed

So.. this is my spot all day today.. after traveling between several states, I plopped down in here last night a groaning feverish mess..

My body feeling like I was hit by a truck – I had no intention of moving anywhere today. +Jenn Concepcion is usually pretty cool about giving me my personal space when I am sick, so I just retire and shut the door to the guest room. Sabine? Well.. she has a plan to make me feel better..

When she was younger… we used to have this song that we sang to one another. I started with “I love you baaaaaby…. ” and she responded with “I love you daaaaaadddy…” When she turned 4.. I would try to do it, and she would have no part of it… Just paying attention to a lot of other things than partaking in my game.

I also used to spend a lot of time trying to sing to her “You are my Sunshine”.. but she never really let me finish… I think she just didnt like the song…

So… im laying in bed.. and she (whos already sick.. and prob the person I got it from) comes over and says “Would you mind it if I cuddled next to you?”

“Sure, Sabine.. come on over”

She lays down next to me and starts…

“I love you .. Daaaaaaddddy”
..She sees me smile a little… Then she busts into..

“You are my sunshine… my only sunshine… you make me happy… when skies are grey”

She bounces off the bed and says “Ok Daddy.. rest here and let those white blood cells gobble up all of that bacteria… you’ll then feel better” And walks out…

I couldve just cried… Shes all too aware of what we need.. and we dismiss the times she doesnt pay attention as her not paying attention . She knows what we want…

She’s just saving it up for when we need it…
(.. and now I feel like the worst father in the world for accidentally washing her mouth with Just Blueberries Facial cleanser by accident last night when I was too sick to notice.. )


  1. Worst father? Not possible! Have you read your own blog post for today?:)…it’s just your fever talking. Get well soon and ” big ups” to you and your wife for what is clearly a home filled with respect, love and joy.

  2. I love what you’ve shared here RC. So beautiful. It’s those relationships. It’s a huge part of what life is all about. I just lost my dad 10 days ago – he’s with the Lord now. I love how much you love Sabine – such a blessing! My father loved me and it means so much to me now. More than ever.

  3. You’re a great dad, RC. Of this there is no doubt. I hope you feel better soon. Take care!

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