The Explorers at the Soviet Base

After getting some work done early this morning, I took a quick power nap.  I got the text around 2PM that Monika, Ladislav and Jiri were waiting for me to go out exploring.

You see – we were headed outside of the city of Prague to do some urbex photography.  The guys knew of a abandoned Soviet base about 40 minutes from the city.  I’m talking like, buildings upon buildings… an entire compound.. just went on and on… definitely a surreal part of my trip.


Andrew joined us right when it started to get dark – which made me feel bad.  I had promised Adam earlier that I would sit with him and go through some Photoshop processing on some pictures.  As the whole compound went pitch dark, I was like “Hey. fire up your computer.. we’re doing a class, right here.. right now. ”

I really owe these four a deep deep thanks.  They have made my trip out here a very memorable one and im happy to say I have friends here now.

They are also responsible for to something I never thought i’d add to my “list” :

Give a Photoshop/Lightroom seminar in the Czech Republic, under the stars.. to a small audience… in an abandoned Soviet base.




  1. Cool!

  2. What an absolute dream!

  3. Cool stuff. Wished I could have been part of that small group

  4. What an amazing experience. I love these photos, especially the second one. That’s one for the ages – something to remember – one of those life moments. Thanks for sharing RC.

  5. Awesome experience – I love it that you’re always making the time to give back!

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