Taping a Print Class Tomorrow for Kelby Training

Excited.  Getting all of my stuff ready to tape a class tomorrow for called “Print, Pack, Ship”.  Basically going over the things in my head when selecting a printer, making a print, and sending a print of my #Photography  to someone.  Got my buddy +Dan Steinhardt from #Epson  doing some chatting with me.  I’ll be talking some Red River Paper, some Hahnemuhle.. some shipping.. some rolling love.  Printing is something I really get into.. so im happy to share as much as I have on it.

Oh! We have some Printer Sample packs here available too!  If you want.. let me know if you want one of the #Epson  paper sample packs (Letter Sized) and i’ll pick a couple of people here in the comments.  If you have a question that I can try to answer in the class.. send it over too.


  1. Looking forward to the show RC

  2. Just bought my first Epson printer. Always had HP and I can’t believe the clarity even with HP paper. Would love to try out the Epson paper. Love your stuff RC. Can’t wait for the class to get done.

  3. Great. Excited about this class. Hopefully it will include monitor/printer color calibration. And maybe organization and record tips for high volume printing (like schools’ photo day) You know, from the hundreds of students that get photographed, how to keep an account on who is who and get the photos delivered to the right person. Tips to make all this as efficient as possible.

  4. I’m interested in the Epson paper sample packs.

  5. Sounds very interesting, can’t wait to see this seeing as I’m looking to move up from the epson artisan 730 to a higher epson. Could I try an epson sample pack? Thanks r.c. And epson!

  6. I’m printing on the Hot Press Bright and Exhibition Fiber. If the sample pack you’re offering has other papers, I’d love to try them. Thanks!

  7. Can’t wait for this class to be released!!! I’d love to get one of the sample packs if possible. Thanks.

  8. I’d love the sample pack! Just got a new R3000 and I’m itching to see results on new papers. The timing of this class is perfect!
    Are you going to cover framing? This is a black art to me and I’d like to know more about what is recommended for fine art framing for sale. How much matting? How many mats? How to pick mats (colors)?
    I’m looking forward to the class! Thanks RC!


  9. Would love to get some sample packs of paper RC. Looking forward to the class.

  10. I just ordered a Epson 3880 that should arrive on the 2nd. Interested to see what you all taped about printing. I’ve learned allot in college but I always learn something new from you guys at Kelby.

  11. Hi RC, too late for your class but I have an issue with my Epson 3880. I print from Light Room, usually maximum size on various size papers. Often the print comes out the wrong size and in the wrong position on the paper. I’ve lost many 13″ x 19″ inch papers because the print is only printed on a portion of the paper. Ever come across this problem? I’ve had to shut everything down and restart in order to resolve the issue, but this is only a temp solution because it comes back eventually. I have the latest printer driver, LightRoom 5 and MAC OS 10.8.5.

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