I’m Not Handy. I’m Nerdy: Hanging Frames with Photoshop

It’s no incredible surprise, and I am not ashamed to admit it – I’m pretty much useless with my hands.  It’s not for the lack of want.  I want to do things a lot.  I just cant afford having to hire a contractor to repair whatever mess I make as a result of me “Wanting to help.”  My family always reminds me of something I said a long time ago after getting out of college.  “If I cant move it with a mouse, I am not moving it”

So.  Imagine how much agita I’ll have when I need to hang THREE frames, one of them vertical, and have them spaced evenly on your daughters newly trimmed and painted room (Thanks to   husband Rich for the trim and   for the painting)?  Now… to be fair.  I _started_ with a tape measure.. but the hyperventilating took over, so I just went into  for the rest.  I’m muuuch more comfortable there.


  1. Don’t feel alone- I’ve sweated over stuff like that too! Very clever use of Photoshop. Imagine my stress as I’m still working to get beyond a dangerous understanding of that 🙁

  2. Hi RC,

    I use a laser level to help me hang my pictures straight, and it works great!

    Here’s a link:

    For mounting, I prefer these sheetrock anchors. They’re simple and incredibly strong. They come in different sizes, depending upon how much support you need. They’re easy to install, you just tap them in to get them started, then use a Phillips head screwdriver to drive them into the wall. Removal is easy, just reverse them out, and fill the small hole with a touch-up of spackle.

    Here’s a link:

    Good luck with your picture hanging!!


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