HDR Book 2nd Edition: In Progress

Putting some final touches on the second edition of “The HDR Book”.  Excited to say that I have a new set of people in   that id love to showcase in it.

Im in the process of trimming/pruning and adding to the book.  If theres an  question that you have of me, let me know.  Happy to consider it and write something out for it.  This is the part where I start getting ready excited!


  1. I think this is the part where we start getting excited too!

    I’m looking forwards to another great HDR book… 🙂

    Best of luck!

  2. When composing your hdr brackets how do you stop tour camera from exposing for the wrong part of the image and throwing your exposures out I’m thinking more for canon type bracketing where you can only set three different exposures. are you able to bracket in manual mode?

  3. Hello rc hopefully you cover camera settings for HDR photography in day time and night time photography .

  4. Hi Rafael,

    do you know now, when this book is coming out?

    Also your hdr-book 1. edition is cool and amazing.

    Kind greetings, Harry

  5. Some of the newer cameras can do HDR in the camera such as the Canon 70D. Do you think the cameras will have the same abilities to generate stunning HDR shots like you would get from computer software such as photomatix?

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