John Nack is Going To Google: Thank Goodness

I’d like to think that I am a big fan of the things that +Google+ does. Recently I have found myself just banging my head against the wall wondering what was being thought of with regards to‪#‎photography‬ , software, and reaching the masses of photographers here on G+. Its just been frustrating for me trying to fly the flag for this place when it feels like all of the signs keep pointing in the opposite direction.
So imagine how pumped I was to hear that +John Nack of Adobe was joining the ranks at Google. Im like _FINALLY_!!! I believe Google is sitting on something really big.. and having someone like John on the team cant be anything but upside.

Check out the post here:

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  1. Wow—thanks for the kind words & vote of confidence, my friend! I’ve always enjoyed your feedback & our brainstorming sessions over the years, and I hope we can have many more fruitful collaborations. I know you’ll be unfailingly candid, and that’s exactly what we’ll need.

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